Arccos Golf Caddie Link – Shot Tracking without any Complications


Golf analytics are huge technologies that have taken the sport by storm. The Arccos Golf Shot Tracking device is one that will push your game further for sure.

Reducing your burden

With Arccos Golf, you get to track your shots easier and more conveniently. You no longer need to keep your smartphone in your pocket as the Arccos Caddie Link does it for you. Arccos has been making some of the best tracking devices for golf for some time now and their latest Caddie Link is a great addition if you are setting out to improve your game. Besides that, the Arccos Caddie Link can:

  • Make it much easier for you – It connects seamlessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth with a touch of a button through the Arccos App.
  • Be easily kept – You can either clip it on your belt (and then ignore your phone) or just toss it into a pouch after connecting but it is recommended that you leave it on your belt.
  • Much better than using your phone – It is a great option to have with you especially when you come across the ‘No Phones Allowed’ rule practiced in some tournaments. If you are going planning to go Pro, that might be a problem for your as many tours have this rule while you need an app to track your shots.

Do take note that it needs the microphone on your phone to be fully functional.

So, is this worth the money?

The Arccos exists in a space that is crowded with golf tech and gadgets. While it might contend with some of the big names like Apple Watch and Garmin, it is an affordable and convenient option especially when you want a seamless and ubiquitous device that does not obstruct your game in any way possible.

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