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The Difference Between an Iron Swing and a Driver Swing

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When you are using different branded clubs for your golf, there is quite a big difference between an iron swing and a Driver swing. A seasoned recreational golfer will know that hitting irons are often better than hitting Drivers because the iron is usually made with a shorter shaft and it is easier to maintain. In understanding what distinguish the iron and Driver swing, you will find that your game actually improves considerably.

The Iron Swing

Using the iron swing, you should put your focus at the point under the golf ball. When you do this, your backswing will have force to it. This is because an iron swing has a shorter shaft which will push you to shift your body weight from the back foot towards the front foot. This is where your body will be rotated towards the target the moment you hit the ball which generates more power. This is most useful when you need a lot of flight that will elevate the ball high off the ground like when you are in a bunker’s sand since you are hitting under the golf ball.

The Driver Swing

This swing meanwhile is more focused on the center of the ball. The Driver swing is used when teeing off. What you want to do here is to lift the ball high off the ground and elevate it high and far. As the Driver has a longer shaft, what you are doing here is to pull you further behind and channel your strength on the swing instead of the contact. Using a longer club will pull you through the inside-out plane which is hard to achieve with an iron swing because there is a risk that you might miss the ball or end up slicing it. You will shift your weight and rotate your body a little later than using an iron using the Driver.

Practicing your Driver swing

Hitting Drivers need a lot of practice and when you do this, you need to concentrate in keeping your weight down. This must be done during the downswing so that it becomes the main focus that can eventually drive the movement of your body and how it should be placed. Remembering that swinging hard and fast will not really work, focus on the accuracy of hitting the ball and the balance of your body with the club and before long you should have cultivated a fluid swing that hits the ball on the location you desire and then achieving the flight you are looking for.