Playing golf within Perak’s heritage and historical backdrop


Perak is one of the smaller states in Peninsular Malaysia connected to Selangor on the south. Located within the northern region of the country, the state is home to some of the most historical places in the country. Here is where you will find the royal town of Kuala Kangsar and Taiping, one of the oldest towns in Malaysia.

The top destination for food and golf

Ipoh, the state’s capital is very much renowned for its local food and local cuisine. It is an ideal place to go for the whole family who could indulge in a bit of everything like food, shopping and most importantly, leisure. While the family can indulge in some fun and shopping, you can head on to the green for a round of tee-off, basking in the sun and enjoying the backdrop of the lush forests.

Golfing around the state

Perak attracts tourists throughout the year. Apart from the places within the state, you will also be able to find the outlying islands like Pulau Pangkor as well as some seaside resorts here that also house some of the notable Golf Courses of the country. Located in Kamunting around the Taiping town is the Bukit Jana Golf Club where it comes with an 18 hole, 6,394 meter green. The Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort is located in Batu Gajah which was designed by Australian Golf Management that comes with a 27 hole stretch. The Damai Laut Golf and Country Club is located in coastal town Lumut where you will be able to enjoy a game of golf through the Ronald Fream designed greens.

Meanwhile, the Royal Teluk Rubiah Country Club is located not far from Lumut town where it is home to an 18-hole championship course. Here is where you will find one of the most peaceful greens where it is located not far from the seaside coast overlooking the Malacca Straits.

In Ipoh not far from the city center is the Meru Valley Golf and Country Club where the luxurious greens offer a 27 hole course while the Royal Teluk Rubiah Country Club is an 18 hole golf course located not far from here too. Ipoh is also home to the Royal Perak Golf Club, one of the oldest and most reputable golf clubs in the country. The course here is very prestigious and had previously played host to some of the major premier golfing tournaments include that of the Omega and Australian Tours respectively.

Royal Perak Golf Club

The Royal Perak Golf Club or RPGC is one of the most established golf clubs in Perak. It started out as a Members’ Club before changing into a Proprietary Club. This is one very significant club in the northern part of Malaysia when it began as the Ipoh Golf Club. The 9-hole golf course was designed for the members in the early 1900s. by 1932, there was more demand among the members and it was then expanded into an 18-hole golf course. Over the following decades, the club will change its outlook to facilitate more members while several makeovers were carried out.

Full service club

Today, the Royal Perak Golf Club offers a full range of services that include a swimming pool as well as dance classes for its members. It plays host to some of the top tournaments around the golfing circuit of the country. Rates here start from RM60 and RM120 for 9 and 18-holes for members. On weekends, members pay RM90 and RM180 respectively. Walk-in guests can play here as well at RM90 and RM180 for 9 and 18 holes on weekdays and RM125 and RM250 on weekends. Buggy fees and insurance charges are applicable as well.

Address: Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 31350 Ipoh, Negeri Perak

Tel: 60 5-542 3266

Email: [email protected]

Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort Batu Gajah

Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort was also voted as one of the golfers’ choices in the Golf Malaysia magazine readers’ poll in 2007/2008. Strategically situated in serene and tranquil Batu Gajah, golfers can definitely enjoy a peaceful weekend and holidays away from the hustle and bustle of a city.

Clearwater Sanctuary was once voted as Number 1 golf course in Malaysia in Golf Course Poll for 2003/2004. Besides that, the club has also received several other prestigious awards such as Number 3 Best Golf Resort in Malaysia 2007/2008, 2nd Most Memorable and Most Scenic Golf Course 2003/2004; as well as Most Challenging Golf Course by Perak Tourism Appreciation Awards 2007.

Stretched on more than 100 acres of land, this is indeed one of the most breathtaking and picturesque 27-hole golf resorts. Home to various bird species such as storks and hawks, one can also enjoy the beautiful view of tropical fishes in the lakes. Beginner players can sharpen their skills at Wetlands Nine.

This spectacular 27-hole golf course is fully equipped with various facilities such as aquatic driving range, lakeside terrace, tennis court, fishing clubhouse, Clearwater ballroom and gymnasium.
Tel: +603 7956 1453 / 013 392 6938
Fax: +603 7956 1453
E-mail: [email protected]

Swift Highway Accessibility
Be it from the north or south, accessibility to Clearwater Sanctuary is swift and hassle-free. Thanks to the North-South Expressway, visitors from KL or Penang can use the Simpang Pulai exit along the highway, while locals from Ipoh can reach Clearwater Sanctuary via Jalan Pasir Puteh or Jalan Gopeng

Tel: 05-366 7433
E-mail: [email protected]

Batang Padang Golf Club

If you are around the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Perak and looking for a quick getaway, head out to the Batang Padang Golf Club. Located not far from the city of Ipoh, you will come towards Bidor town where you can indulge into your game of golf without having to wrestle through traffic jams and other stress points. The Batang Padang Golf Club gives you the satisfaction of playing golf far away from the hustle and bustle but not too far to become over-isolated.

Heritage in Perak

When you play golf at the Batang Padang Golf Club, you are dwelling among greatness. This is one golf club that has a strong history having been around since 1988. It was 3 years earlier that the construction of the golf course started. What you get today is an exciting golf course which is a common favorite among the locals and visitors to the northern state. The unique feature of the Batang Padang Golf Club is that it has a lot of bushy trees and not the usual hilly slopes and water hazards you will come across in most golf clubs.

TEL: 60 5-434 2164

Address: D/a Jalan Lapangan Terbang Bidor, Batu 43 1/2 Bidor, 35000, Tapah, Perak

Taiping Golf Resort

Taiping is known to be one of the most peaceful towns in Malaysia. The name of the town suggests that because it means ‘Peace’ in Chinese. Strategically situated within the state of Perak, Taiping is the wettest town in the country which is known for its rain and often cooling breezes.

Due to this, Taiping is a great golfing destination although one might have to be wary of rain that could occur at the strangest times. In the town is the Taiping Golf Resort which is a great place for a getaway and a game of golf. It is also very near to one of the coldest golf courses in Malaysia.

Include full club facilities and a driving range

This 3-star golf resort offers a rewarding golfing experience for anyone who likes the peace and tranquility of the town and the cooling weather here. Located at the foothills around the town here, it has one of the best scenic landscapes with rich flora and fauna.

Previously known as the Bukit Jana Golf & Country Club, the Taiping Golf Resort has one of the most spectacular sights that overlook the hilly areas of the town. Apart from the 18-hole golf course, there is something for everyone that includes swimming pools, a driving range, tennis courts and a gymnasium for those who wants to workout.

For those who have spent the whole day under the sun and heat playing golf can take a break at the coffee house here which serves a broad range of local delights. There are electric buggies for rent as well as a Pro Shop for all golfing supplies and equipment.

Tel: 05 883 6700
Email: [email protected]

Address: Jalan Bukit Jana, P.O. Box 4 34600 Kamunting Taiping, Perak


The northern state of Perak is one which is known for its limestone hills and some very scenic landscapes. It is one of the nicest places to play golf around Peninsular Malaysia and sandwiched between the town of Batu Gajah is the Kinta Golf Club or more fondly known as Kelab Golf Kinta.

World-Class Golf Course Design

The beautiful golf course at Kelab Golf Kinta is the brainchild of renowned Australian designer Alma Baker. This is where you will find a spectacular 18-hole par 70 layout built on top of the land previously used as an airstrip used by light aircraft which has now been converted into an amazing green that spreads towards the horizon. A segment of the airstrip is actually now the par-5 12th hole that will lead all the way to the pond. Some of the remnants of the observation tower can still be seen here located not far from the green.

Long history course

The state here has always been known for its historical past which is rich and illustrious. In fact, it has been around for quite a long time now having been established back in 1921. Dickson Eric Ayton was the first president of the club when the town of Batu Gajah was decided to be the administrative center then after the world war when it came under British colonials. Back then, it was only a 9-hole course and was very small. It was only in 1998 that massive development took place in Kinta that saw major changes happened here. This was when the clubhouse had a new look and another 9-holes was added and more land was added to become what it is today.
In 2011, Kinta Golf Club was given a fresh new look with more water ponds and lined-trees. Besides that, there were more undulating terrains was added as well and new challenges were added to the course.

Challenges and hazards

The Kinta Golf Club is built on the serene horizons of the secondary jungle here. With 5,590 meters of land available, it has a very good drainage system to ensure that the greens are still playable even during the rainy season. What makes this course so unique is that the design is derived mainly from the input gathered from the golf members which means it is based on what they need and not what the club wants. Among the challenging holes here include the 5th, 6th and 17th with many sand traps and water hazards

Golfing rates at Kinta

Playing golf at Kinta Golf Club is quite affordable and coupled with the nice looking sceneries, it is a steal for any golfer to get away for a short vacation. To play at the 18-hole course:

  • RM48 – Weekdays
  • RM80 – Weekends and public holidays

Kelab Golf Briged Utara

One of the major golf clubs operating around the northern region of the country is the Kelab Golf Briged Utara. Located in the area of Ulu Kinta in Perak, this place offers a great option for golfers to get a swing out of the clubs with some very exciting challenges. The Kelab Golf Briged Utara (which means North Brigade Golf Club) is house within the Markas Briged Utara Pasukan Gerakan Am where it remains as one of the nicer options if you are looking for a quick golfing getaway.

This is a 9-hole golf course that comes with some difficult hazards to overcome. The layout is designed to be a walking course. This means there will be quite a lot of paces that you need to go around on foot. The green fees here are quite standard at RM20 on weekdays and RM30 on weekends. Otherwise, take some time to bask in the fairways and the hazard that is specially designed to give your game a go.

TEL: 60 5-540 6680

Kuala Kangsar Golf Club

Located in the northern state of Perak is the Kuala Kangsar Golf Club. There is a strong reason why Kuala Kangsar is such a popular town as it is considered as a royal city on its own. Having held the first Conference of Rulers in Malaysia, this resonates very much with the locals in particular. The Kuala Kangsar Golf Club, located in the heart of the city is an ideal place to come and enjoy a swing or two.

Practice or go pro

Whether you are a professional or a beginner starting out in the game, you will like the facilities and space here. You can choose to head out to the green and use every club you have in your bag or just spend some time hitting balls at the driving range to get that perfect swing you always desired. The Kuala Kangsar Golf Club is one of the few golf courses available around the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. This is a great place to enjoy an escape where you can get away and use every club you have in your collection.

TEL: 60 5-776 2396

Damai Laut Golf and Country Club/ Swiss-Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut

The Damail Laut Golf & Country Club is one of the very prestigious clubs located in Pangkor Island in the northern state of Perak in Peninsular Malaysia. It is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy towns and cities and enjoy a peaceful game of golf amidst some of the most amazing and lush tropical trees here.

It is regarded by most who have played here to be the most exciting Golf Courses in Perak while some have commended it for the challenges it impose. The Damai Laut Golf & Country Club was designed by Mr Ronal Fream, one of the very renowned American golf course architects and it has become one of the most established places for golfing today.

That which makes this golf course so exciting is its challenges and obstacles throughout the 18-hole layout where there are the Lake Nine and the Hill Nine courses as well as the Bermuda Resort Nine course. As the name implies, the Lake Nine offers an exciting layout that covers some very restrictive and yet interesting ponds and lakes. Meanwhile, the Hill Nine is made up of more hilly slopes and bunkers which gives the game whole new dimension.

For those who are looking to spend some time in the waters can go for swim or enjoy the sights overlooking the Straits of Malacca while there is a 12-bay driving range here which is opened daily. Apart from that, the Pro Shop supplies all that the golfer needs to play the game as well as restaurants to enjoy a meal or two.

Tel: 05-685 9330

Meru Valley Golf & Country Club

Located in Perak’s capital city of Ipoh is the Meru Valley Golf and Country Club. You literally can enjoy a great game of golf, taking on some of the toughest greens in the state without having to travel too far from Ipoh itself.

Meru Valley Resort is located only about 10 minutes drive away from the city center making it extremely accessible and convenient. Located around the Meru Valley Resort is the Kledang Saiong Mountain Range which brings about some of the very beautiful landscape sceneries around as well as cooling breeze. This is actually one of the most picturesque areas of Perak state.

Wide range of facilities and golfing enjoyment

Those who come to the Meru Valley Resort to play golf can enjoy a wide variety of other facilities that include swimming pool, a basketball court as well as places for children to play. Those who like the great outdoors can head out to the Kledang Saiong Forest Reserve to enjoy being close to nature and to visit the waterfalls there.

Golf at its best

In terms of golf, this course is one of the most reputable ones around here as it was once the recipient of the Best Golf Development for Asia Pacific award at the International Property Awards in Florida, USA. With a great backdrop and beautiful surroundings, playing golf here can be very enjoyable. Established in 1997 as the Kelab Golf Perak Darul Ridzuan, it opened the Kampung Nine followed by the Continental and Oriental Nines respectively after that. It will then change the name to Meru Valley Golf & Country Club in 1999 to become one of the premier Golf Courses in the country.

Good range of facilities

Are you planning to come here for a holiday or just to enjoy the sights? Perhaps you would just like to give your swing a practice session or two. There are all types of facilities that you might be delighted to enjoy when you are at Meru Valley. There is a driving range here while you can enjoy, among the many others, chipping, pitching, putting greens and bunker practice too.

The fairways here have been reviewed to be one of the very well-maintained ones with very few barren areas. Basically, it has got some of the very breath-taking sceneries for a golf course of this stature. From the first hole, you can very much see the horizon spanning into the mountains which makes you want to quickly move up the holes. Take note that the 6th hole here is the signature of the golf course. Meanwhile, some of the short holes here are not as challenging as one might expect them to be.

Meru Valley Rates and Fees

Playing golf at the Meru Valley Golf and Country Club is really a breeze. In fact, this is the only 5-star golf course in the northern state of Perak. What you get here is a world-class 27-hole golf course divided within its Valley, Waterfall and River courses (all 9-hole tracks). Whether you are a newbie to the game or a seasoned golfer who has played everywhere, this is a great place to indulge.
Prices are different for visitors and member’s guests and between weekdays and weekends. Members can play here for free while their guests will have to pay:

  • RM111.30 for weekdays and RM142.10 for weekends for the 9-hole course
  • RM190.80 and RM254.40 for weekdays and weekends respectively (18-hole)

As for visitors, the rates are:

  • RM169.80 and RM233.30 for weekdays and weekends for 9-hole
  • RM296.80 and RM445.20 for 18-holes on weekdays and weekends

Buggy fees are applicable too where members pay RM35 for 9-hole and RM65 for 18-hole. Meanwhile, visitors pay RM45 and RM85 for 9 and 18-hole courses respectively. There are other nominal charges applicable for services such as trolley rental, caddy, golf sets as well.

Tel: 05- 529 3300
Email: [email protected]

Royal Teluk Rubiah Country Club

Located in Sri Manjung in Lumut, Perak is the Royal Teluk Rubiah Country Club. This is actually an ideal place to enjoy the game for anyone who wants a natural setting which is peaceful and where one can stay focused in completing the course without any distractions.

The Royal Teluk Rubiah Country Club is located not far from Lumut and has a very strategic location where Pangkor Island is on its west while the town of Sitiawan is on the opposite end. As such, playing at the Royal Teluk Rubiah Country Club can be very satisfying as there are white sandy beaches in Teluk Rubiah itself while the town centres are not far from reach as well.

Most picturesque landscapes Golf course with most beautiful hole

Established in 1996, the Royal Teluk Rubiah Country Club is an 18-hole championship golf course which was designed by Eastern Green. Within the golf course is one of the most picturesque landscapes one can find while the 141 acres of greens, hills and trees provide the golfer with a truly unforgettable experience. Apart from that, there are the usual challenges that come with any golf course that include bunkers, water Hazards and many more.

In fact, the signature hole at the Royal Teluk Rubiah course is its No.4 hole which has once been awarded as the Most Beautiful Hole by Golf Malaysia. This has drawn the agreement of many golfers who have come and tried it. The 2 loops here are known as Nibong Nine and Tembusu Nine where the fairways are layered with Bermuda grass while Bermuda Tifdwarf is used on the greens.

Tel: 05-688 8390

Samudera Golf Club

The Samudera Golf Club is located within the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s military base vicinity of TUDM (Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia) in Lumut. It is among the interesting places to enjoy a game of golf around the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The golf course is located not far from the central region of Lumut town making it easily accessible and convenient. What you will like about the course is that you get to enjoy the breeze coming in from the coast which can be quite cooling at times.

The Samudera Golf Club is a 9-hole golf course designed to offer you unique gameplay. The club opened its doors back in 1989 and has been one of the popular golfing destinations among golfers around this part of the country. Meanwhile, those who are from other states do like coming here to be away from the stress of city centers and for a quick indulgence of golf. Besides the bunkers and hilly slopes scattered around the green, you get to practice your swing at the driving range and the putting green.

Rural Country Golf Club

The state of Perak is home to several top golf courses and one of them here is the Rural Country Golf Club. What you get here is a golf course designed by A Kumarawel that spans across some very beautiful greens and undulating fairways. Located in Pengkalan Hulu, the Rural Country Golf Club is located not far from the main town.

The Rural Country Golf Club is a 9-hole golf course. Equipped with bunkers and hazards that are strategically placed to test your techniques to its limits, you will need to use all the tricks you have learned to overcome all the holes. Typically, this is a walking course which means you will have to go around mostly on foot. Check out the pro-shop if you require any assistance or just enjoy the time on the green here, manufactured for the golfer’s satisfaction.

Address: PX2W+87 Pengkalan Hulu, Perak, Malaysia

Tel: 604-4770056


Golf Driving Ranges in Perak

Interim General Manager : Mr. Chin Kok Tong
Address : Lot 6019, Jalan Changkat Larang, 31000 Batu Gajah, Perak
Contact No. : 05-3667 433
Fax No. : 05-3667 434
Email : [email protected]
Website :



Director of Golf




Mr Azlan Bin Mohamad Dzaiddin


Ms. Kay Leong

Address : Persiaran Swiss Garden, Jalan Damai Laut, Off Jalan Teluk Senangin, 32200 Lumut, Perak
Contact No. : 019-574 2113
Fax No. : 05-6181 018
Email : [email protected]
Club Manager :  Sub/Insp Ishak Bin Othman
Address : Markas Briged Utara, Pasukan Gerakan Am, 31150 Ulu Kinta, Perak
Contact No. : 05-5406 680
012-5829 515
Fax No. : 05-5331 400
05-5334 961
Email :
Hon Sec




En Shahili Bin Hassan

Ms. Mulaiwaani

Address : Jalan Changkat, 31000 Batu Gajah, Perak
Contact No. : 05-3652 2827
05-3667 270
Fax No. : 05-3663 870
Email : [email protected]
Hon Sec :  

Mr. Suhaimi Bin Ahmad

Mr Azraai (Admin)

Address : Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah, 33000 Kuala Kangsar, Perak
Contact No. : 05-7762 396
Fax No. :
Email : [email protected]
Club Manager : Ms. Hamisah Salleh
Address : Pangkatan TLDM, 32100 Lumut, Perak
Contact No. : 05-6803 000
05-6818 818
Fax No. : 05-6834 589
Email : [email protected]
  CEO :  Mr Edwin Tan
Golf Manager : Ms. Leong Mei Yee
Address : Jalan Bukit Meru, Jelapang, 30020 Ipoh, Perak
Contact No. : 05-5293 300
05-5293 333
Fax No. : 05-5293 311
05-5293 386
Email : [email protected]
Website :
CEO : Pn. Hanizah Abdullah
Golf & Sports Manager :  Pn. Nor Hamizah Bt Ibrahim
Address : Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
Contact No. : 05-5473 266 (Golf)
05-5423266 (Club Reception)
Fax No. : 05-5479266 (Golf)
05-5455 046 (Office)
Email : [email protected]
General Manager : Mr.Mohd Syafiq Syairani
Address : Jalan Pejabat, 33100 Pengkalan Hulu, Perak
Contact No. : 04-4778 177
Fax No. : 04-4778 177
Email :
Club Manager : Mr. Ainol Hiqmal
Address : Lot PT 823, Jalan Setiawan, Mukim Sungai Durian, 30450 Teluk Intan, Perak
Contact No. : 05-6237421
Fax No. : 05-6237421
Email :  [email protected]

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