Hole-in-One Clubs and What to do when you get one


Making the game more competitive

In golf tournaments, a hole-in-one, like all the other winning shots including eagle, birdie, bogey and such is a remarkable achievement. Some call it luck while others take calculated shots and get the ball into the hole on the first attempt.

The person who achieves this usually gets a big prize whether it is a cash-winning or a product like a car.

Product for sponsors

Allianz Bank is perhaps the only bank that offers this unique insurance that protects the sponsor of the prize award. With this policy, the holder is indemnified to pay the prize award. It must be noted that the policy is tournament-based which means that every tournament will require a separate policy.
To be eligible for this policy, the following information is required.

  • Data and name of the tournament
  • Location of tournament
  • The number of participants registered for the tournament
  • The hole number designated for the hole-in-one
  • The prize money and the sum insured for the payout
  • The hole’s description
  • Claims (if any) in the last year

The sum insured will be the exact value of the prize award that the policyholder will be sponsoring and the participants cannot be professionals (only amateurs).

Should there be any changes to the information of the tournament, the sponsor must inform Allianz Bank or the policy will not be valid.

Famous Malaysians who have achieved hole-in-one

Hole-in-one in golf is not something you see every day. To have a famous golfer hit a hole-in-one might be common as they might probably have practiced and trained.

During the 49th edition of the SGA Sarawak Amateur Open Golf Championship held at Kelab Golf Sarawak in 2018, there were 2 young golfers who hit hole-in-ones.

Matthew Peregriine Ong Zhen Lei and Aziel Teo Ken Yi achieved this when the former took home a Titleist wedge. Aziel meanwhile won the big one then, taking home the RM315,000 NX300 Urban car. Many might have recalled that Matthew did also hit a hole-in-one just a year earlier.

To have a famous individual hit a hole-in-one might be extremely rare.

Taking the car, and others

Mohd Safee Mohd Sali, a former Malaysian footballer recently made the headlines when he hit a hole-in-one at the 2022 Mazda Trophy.

The tournament which was held at the Glenmarie Golf and Country Club saw the Malaysian great win the B-Medal Category.

Hitting the hole-in-one means he took home the coveted Mazda CX-5 as well as RM2,000 in food and beverage credit from the club.

Using a 6-iron Miura golf club, he achieved the feat on the par-3 Hole-15 of the Valley course with a TaylorMade TP5x golf ball.

For his win in the category, he won a set of Mizuno JPX921 forged irons. this tournament saw more than 130 players taking part with Noriskandar Nordin scoring 64 to emerge as champion.

Mohd Safee is no stranger to the Malaysian public scene where he represented the country between 2006 and 2017, helping the country to win the 2010 AFF Championship.

The Golf Malaysia Hole-in-One Club

While it is not impossible to hit a hole-in-one, there are benefits for golfers in Malaysia who managed to achieve this remarkable feat.

A dream to join an exclusive club

Golf Malaysia has a Hole-in-One Club which maintains a ‘Roll of Honour’ for registered golfers who have hit a hole-in-one at one time or another. They can do this on a registered golf course whether in Malaysia (West and East) or in Brunei.

In other words, you will become part of the exclusive community of Malaysian golfers who have achieved something similar but on other golf courses across the country. You will be involved in various events and competitions with these players, sharing and expanding your network.

Great benefits and privileges

If you are a golfer and hits a hole-in-one, you can register that achievement with the Golf Malaysia Hole-in-One Club. After verification, you will then be given several privileges.

It must be noted that the Golf Malaysia Hole-in-One club is only for amateur golfers who scores this on approved golf courses.

This include:

  • A certificate of achievement
  • Gifts from sponsors
  • Golf Malaysia Hole-in-One Club Discount Card
  • VIP privileges
  • Free or special discounts at selected golf courses
  • A ticket to play at the Golf Malaysia ‘Ace of Aces’ Championship held annually.

The Club’s President joins the ACE list

Mr. Tang Yuet Mun, the Club President had 2016 made a Hole-in-One which saw him earning a place in this club.

He did so at the Taiping Golf and Country Club at its 8th hole.

Hence, he joins the ‘Roll of Honor which has been growing steadily in numbers. In 2014, there were just over 20,000 names on the list and by 2016, that number has risen to about 22,000 and Mr. Tang is now part of this club.

In recounting his experience, Mr. Tang said that he did not even realize he made the hole-in-one and only found out when someone was shouting it from afar. He was given a bottle of whisky and 2 dozen golf balls.

Allianz Bank Hole-in-One Insurance

The Allianz Bank Hole-in-One Insurance is a product that is aimed at hosts and sponsors of golf tournaments for hole-in-one competitions.

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